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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Free Horoscopes for the month of June!

Gemini - This month is your month! People just want to be around you. The planets and universe is in line with your energy and spirit being. Use your good energy to be an example and to help others. You never know who is watching and looking up to you. Cancer - Romance is in the air for you. Take the time to just relax and pamper yourself this month. Try not to get involved with too many projects or take on too much work. As you will find yourself tired and a bit worn out. Take some time to recharge your energy! Leo - This month you may find yourself not feeling as connected to family and friends. Situations may have surfaced in your life that you were not ready to deal with. There are many important decisions that you have to make in your life. Just remember the only way to get past this is to take one day at a time. Virgo - This is your month! This is the time to get connected and spend quality time with your family. All signs around your zodiac shows that the hard work that you have put in at work or on a project is finally paying off for you. Libra - Your trait is that of charm. However, you may feel not so charming this month. Be careful of the words that come out of your mouth. A friend or family may take your advice the wrong way, sometimes you can come off as brutally honest or uncaring, so focus on trying to be more compassionate. Scorpio - You’re very intense. This month it shows that there will be a lot of good things coming your way. Be prepared for a raise, something brand new or even unexpected money. You have the right to be happy about it, but be aware that some may be jealous of your luck and think you’re trying to brag and boast. Sagittarius - Keeping your cool and confidence this month will continue to open doors for you. No matter what path you’re on in this life, people are watching you. Make sure you continue to distinguish between friends and foes. Your success in life with your family and career tends to draw in people who are not for you. Be aware of this and treat those people accordingly. Capricorn - You may feel a bit disconnected in what is going on around you this month. Take the time to focus on yourself and either take a vacation or weekend off, meditate and come up with a plan. Managing your time this month and taking some time out to do it will make the next few weeks go by smoothly. Aquarius - Have you had your mind on an idea or project? This is the month to go for it! You may find that you have even wanted to ask someone, or if you should do this or not. Please take the initiative even if that person may not back you or help you. There will be someone else that will. Pisces - It’s time for you to take a vacation or just get away from your normal routine for awhile. All signs in your zodiac show a few disappointments and being frustrated. People not listening or acknowledging your needs. Having problems with a friend or family member? Don't try to negotiate, they will take it as you’re being overbearing. Give them some space and walk away; they will come back around to you. Aries - Of course you’re passionate and ruled by the ram. There will be new opportunities coming for you this month. Take it easy and try to remember all good comes to those that wait. Try not to get caught up into everything working out right away. That will only disappoint you and stop your growth. Remain realistic and realize there will be real and hard work coming in with these new opportunities. Taurus - Don't be the heartbroken and wounded bull this month. Family and friends will test you and try to push the limit. This calls for a strategy! Make sure that you voice what you want and your final decision. The response may not be good but stand your ground. After all, in most of your situations they are the ones that really need you. So take charge, lead by example and let them know if they want you to do something for them. You have to call the shots!